Resin-ating Through Art: Casting Figures

Resin-ating Through Art: Casting Figures

Now that we've explored wide shallow pores, let's get into some deeper ones! Casting figures. If you need a review on the basics, check out Getting Started.

There are so many molds available for ready purchase out there from shapes to figures. Sure, you can pour a single color in for an even look, but if you want to get more complex how does one go about it?

There many techniques to pour multiple colors in deeper figure casts. In this video I will explore three: mica-powder rubs, multi-color pours, and alcohol ink pigment migration. Each of these results in a very different appearance and offers a range of control. You can combine any of the colors available in your personal stock.

In addition to demonstrating the pours this video will also offer techniques for adding details and sealing a finished cast. And while bench-top cures work for a number of casts, I will be showing a secret to get bubble-free casts every single time ... with a piece of equipment called a Pressure Pot. While this step isn't essential, it does kick things up to the next level.

Ready to delve into deep pour projects? Let's get started!

That's it for this lesson ... hope you make a lot of cool artwork! Have questions, need to troubleshoot? Feel free to drop me a line. Always happy to help!

Now go get creative!

This activity is made possible through a grant from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council in cooperation with a private foundation.
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