Frequently asked questions:

Does Foxy's Art Box take commissions?

Yes. Most pieces can be ordered as special creations with customization. Pet portraits are the most common request either as a painting or a box can be arranged. Memorials requests are common. A custom section is being built and will be linked here with more information shortly. For specific questions contact directly. All commissioned work must be prepaid in advance.

Does Foxy take custom requests all year round?

Yes. Though sometimes my queue gets long, around the late autumn and into winter custom orders are in hot demand for the holidays. To avoid the chance your project might not be completed in time to be gifted order early.

Does Foxy paint dogs?


Does Foxy paint cats?


Does Foxy paint horses?


Does Foxy paint birds?


Does Foxy paint dragons, unicorns, gryphons, etc?


Is there anything Foxy can't paint?

Humans or human based fantasy creatures. I am sorry, but this is beyond my abilities.

Are ornaments for Christmas only?

No. Ornaments can be painted for the holidays or for keeping out all year round.

Can wood only be stained?

No. Wood can also be airbrushed in the variety of colors. See the options for stains and paint colors on the custom works when that page is available.

Does Foxy's Art Box ship internationally?

Currently International Shipping through this site is unavailable. But will be once it is set up. If you are outside of the USA contact Foxy if interested in an item, arrangements may be possible.