About Foxy

Foxy is an artist who doesn't believe in boxes. She's been creating art ever since she was a child and simply never stopped. Largely self taught, her focus has always been on animals, both real and imagined. Her childhood was filled to the brim with an unending supply of art tools and driven by a sense of innovation to explore new territory. This has culminated in a multimedia frenzy for the world to enjoy! Now she works out of a home studio painting pet portraits and much much more on canvas, wood, glass, ornaments, metal, and more recently exploring resin. Once she discovered the joys of vending at local events she started to produce pieces ready to go home and looked forward to every event for the chance to reconnect with previous clients and meet new ones. This business is her labor of love. She is joined by her husband who assists with some of the processes and often fuels new ideas.

Foxy earned her artistic pen name from her high school teacher and mentor, John McCoy. He dubbed her this because of the frequent subject matter: foxes. feeling a distinct tie to his belief in her spirit, Foxy kept the nickname in his honor and incorporated into her business name, thus: Foxy's Art Box.