Resin-ating Through Art: Geodes

Resin-ating Through Art: Geodes

In my last blog I covered the basics of mixing and pouring resin with a single color. If you need a review, check out Getting Started.

However, there is no need to limit resin to one colorant.

In this next video I focus on geodes and a property of resin pours called pigment migration. When we mix different colorants (micapowders, inks, pastes) each end up with a different viscosity. Poured into the same project, the different thicknesses act on one another to create a form of flow. This interaction creates some fascinating effects! Different colors can mix, patterns can be created, and sometimes the glorious chaos just plain makes a piece.

As geodes are shallow pours the effects of the migrations are amplified. These are also shallow enough to not exceed the recommended thickness of most resins. So they make a great playground for learning about working with different additives.

There are many techniques you can use to pour them. I will demonstrate three: An inward concentric pour with a push, an outward concentric pour without the push, and dragonscale which utilizes a puddle pour method. These will have the same colorant combinations, but remember you can mix it all up with your own combinations. Don't be shy, geodes are a blast!

To finish it up, I go on to demonstrate how to turn resin geodes into acrylic painting surfaces and how to topcoat.

Ready to delve into a more complicated project? Let's get started!

Now, I couldn't fit it all in the video. I snipped out the bulk of the actual painting portion for the dragon on the dragonscale geode. Want to check that out? Take a literal minute and enjoy the sped up footage as an out take bonus!

That's it for this lesson ... hope you make a lot of cool artwork! Have questions, need to troubleshoot? Feel free to drop me a line. Always happy to help!

Now go get creative!

This activity is made possible through a grant from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council in cooperation with a private foundation.
2778 D Commerce Drive NW,
Rochester, MN 55901


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Fascinating! Easy to follow. And I love the energetic background music!

Nancy L Silvernail

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