Resin-ating Through Art: UV Resin tacking

Resin-ating Through Art: UV Resin tacking

Resin is capable of holding objects in suspension. However, it's not really great at holding things in place vertically as it cures. UV Resin is a great trick to use to speed tack objects within a mold.

Follow along as I make a clockwork dragon and show you how to turn jewelry findings into one of a kind creations!

That's it for this lesson, and my final one planned for this series. Don't be sad! I'm more than happy to make more videos and answer more questions. Have something you want to see me try? Drop me a message! Just because the grant's timeline is ending doesn't mean I'm going anywhere. I hope you make a lot of cool artwork! Have questions, need to troubleshoot? Feel free to drop me a line. Always happy to help!

Now go get creative!

This activity is made possible through a grant from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council in cooperation with a private foundation.
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