Resin-ating Through Art

Resin-ating Through Art

As an artist I have a rule of thumb: never stop learning. This notion has resulted in the chain of explorations wandering all over mediums from painting on nontraditional "canvases" to dabbling with poseable animal art dolls ... to resin! This last one I dove into with a feverish pitch. To the point where my art den expanded from one room into a portion of the downstairs workshop. I have never looked back.

This medium has allowed me to do so many neat and unusual creations from my original goal. I'd wanted to make seadragon figures in fish bowls. My first project turned out to be rather disastrous as I learned not all resins work the same. However, it did lead to many unexpected discoveries. Over the years I have explored the nature of resin, learned new techniques, and developed fun projects.

Much of my growth as an artist stems from two things: an insatiable urge to explore new things, and from fellow artists paying it forward and sharing what they've learned.

That leads us here. To this. To my turn to inspire more artists to try out this amazing medium. And for you I hope I spare you some of my own growing pains.

In this series of video tutorials I will walk through working with epoxy resin, one of the more accessible forms of resin out there. From getting set-up and doing the first simple pour to taking your resin to the next level. Ever wanted to paint 3D illusionary fish? We will get there and we are going to have a lot of fun along the way! I hope you'll join me for the entire series.

And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. If I do not know the answer, I will do my best to find out for you.

Without further ado, the first lesson is a two parter.

First what do you need to get started? Picking your resin, equipment, setting up your space, safety ... this is the general information of what you should know before your first project.

In Part 2 see what's involved in a basic pour from measuring to enjoying your cured resin project.

We're only getting started here! More step-by-step videos will follow breaking down how to work with resin to make amazing works. I hope you'll get creative with me!

This activity is made possible through a grant from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council in cooperation with a private foundation.
2778 D Commerce Drive NW,
Rochester, MN 55901


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Video info was great. I would suggest to drop the music back ground
very distracting from what you are trying to present. Thank for all your time to further this teaching.


Excellent! Found it easy to follow and quite complete! Only one suggestion. Is it possible to do actual close-ups of the resin containers with the object being the ability to read them?

Nancy L Silvernail

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