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Foxy's Art Box

Custom 11 x 14 Portrait--Single Pet

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Standard larger format, easy to frame, can be hung without. 11x14 original canvas painting creates a conversation piece. Add a little color to the room.



11" x 14" x .5"


Make your own pet the star featured in acrylic paint!

This canvas size can accommodate one to two or three pets ($20 fee for an additional pet on the same painting or a background Please select the multiple pet listing), usually a head shot is requested.


To complete your order you will need to Contact Foxy with photos of your pet, at least one with the pose you'd like, and more supporting photos if there are markings not as visible or to clarify colors. Remember, Foxy can only paint what you show her. In the rare circumstance, if photos are not clear enough to paint from, Foxy reserves the right to refuse the project and fully refund the fee. When in doubt, contact Foxy before ordering.


Also you will need to select a background color from the list (see examples of the colors on canvas in the photo, please refer to the number)


Client will view photos of work prior to shipping for approval. Fee includes two correction phases if needed to adjust any markings or details. If a third or more is required, a $10 fee per session will be charged, and must be paid prior to shipping.

Custom work sales are final once work is accepted by Foxy. Time frame is typically 3-4weeks, however some seasons the queue is longer. Projects are completed in the order they are secured by payment.

Color list (see photo)

1 Naphthol Red Light
2 Quinacridone Red
3 Quinacridone Magenta
4 Fluorescent Pink
5 Pyrrole Orange
6 Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold
7 Raw Sienna
8 Hansa Yellow
9 Benzimidazolone Yellow
10 Yellow Oxide
11 Hooker's Green
12 Sap Green
13 Phthalo Green
14 Permanent Greet Light
15 Green Gold
16 Indigo
17 Ultramarine Blue
18 Phthalo Blue
19 Cerulean Blue Hue
20 Teal
21 Deep Violet
22 Sepia
23 Burnt Umber
24 Burnt Sienna
25 Titan Buff
26 Black
27 Gray
28 White